Guest house Tri Studne greets working groups!

Did you manage to conclude a major trade agreement? You have acquired a strategic partner that will enable your business to grow? Approaching the anniversary of the company? Do you plan to celebrate an upcoming anniversary or family achievements? There are many reasons to organize corporate and family celebrations, but there is no reason to hold them elsewhere than in the guest house Vysočina - Tri Studne!

For these purposes, it is available to you room with projection equipment and sound system, seating up to 100 people in theater seating, or to establish a board for up to 50 people. The space is ideal for entertaining musical evenings.

We also offer a stylish room with a fireplace in the style of wine cellar for up to 20 people with sound system. The room is on the lower ground floor , and so is suitable for all-night entertainment without disturbing other hotel guests .

If you are planning an event for a smaller number of guests, there is available space in Lounge bar and patio, a very pleasant area with a fireplace, with or without sound, with two LED TV . Bar capacity is up to 20 people to settle to the board. Terrace capacity up to 30 persons on board.

In all areas we are able to provide all-day dining, whether it be a celebratory lunch, all day meals or evening reception.

On request we can provide music for your evening entertainment.

Not sure how to settle the guests in the hall? How to create a festive table for your evening ? Leave it to us, the only ones in the area you wish to create a 3D model of the whole space ...

Ask us for details.



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